Production Tracking

Visualize production progress and react to bottlenecks on the floor in real time. Confidently implement process improvements using most recent performance data.

Build your Process line virtual twin in minutes

Improve efficiency by graphically replicating your order of operations. Line managers can customise, change process lines and add products without any development time

Get actionable insights about machines, people and processes

Use dashboards to measure common manufacturing KPIs, such as cycle time and throughput. Drive process improvements by quantifying idle time and measuring technician productivity.

Access all your production information on a single personalised portal

Create your very own Shop-floor Portal and access all your factory information all in one single workplace.

Trace work in progress history with just one click.

View complete work history of your Work In Progress Products based on their Unique IDs.

Get your information of your products anywhere and anytime

Get and analyse complete product details straight from your mobile